Capturing the Relationships that Light up Your Life

Celebrating the public art on display in your community is a great way to capture a certain time in this city. Murals are temporary and you never know when it will be painted over. Using a mural as a backdrop can be a way to add color and personality to your family portrait and take advantage of the beautiful artistic expressions we walk by every day.

In April, while everyone was stuck at home, I started offering Family Porch Portraits as a way to capture families as they sheltered in place.  And, to connect with people while wearing a mask and maintaining a safe distance by using my long lens. 

Being stuck inside your house for an extended period of time is hard. I thought Porch Portraits was the perfect excuse to get dressed and get outside for some fresh air, not just for me, but for the families who wanted to document their life during this unprecedented time.  My goal was to create a little pocket of joy for the families I photographed.

Has Covid changed your wedding plans? Maybe it's a compromise, or maybe it the perfect wedding in disguise. Most couples are in the midst of figuring out how to celebrate their love with a small gathering with their most treasured relationships as witness. Let me capture the the essence of your love no matter what kind of celebration you have. 

MY Promise to YOU

Photographs are windows to our memories. I make a promise to each and every one of my clients that You will  enjoy the beautiful artful photograph I produce for you. No matter what your photography needs are, from building your custom website to the gathering of your family,It’s important to me that you are able to live in the moment, trusting me to capture what matters to you.

Clare Britt 

Clare Britt

Clare Britt


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