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Brand Photography 

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Do you provide a service or create products? Every small business needs a strategy that includes a variety of ways to capture imagery and action to create and tell the story of their brand. Tell me more about your products and service so I can deliver photos and videos you can share with your customers and build a stronger network. 

Tell a Story

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Are you an Actor, Model or Influencer? Let's story board together and create scenes that explore your versatile looks that you can share on your social outlets. Book more jobs and grow your audience with creative and skillfully crafted photographic images. 

Clare Britt
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Are you an artist and maker who needs beautiful photographs of your work? Let's do a virtual studio visit and create video to share on your website and social outlets.  I want to help you create content you can share with the world that translates into more online sales for your studio. 

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Do you want to be a Sci-fi Cyborg? Or maybe a Warrior Lost in the woods? Do you like to play dress up and put on costumes for fun? Maybe you are the Moon and your sister is the Sun. Or you want to remember your toddler as a perfect Angel.


It's time to star in your own story. Tell me your fantasy and let's storyboard and collaborate and bring your creative ideas to life. I love creating customized sets and costumes to highlight your vision.

Capturing the Relationships that Light up Your Life

MY Promise to YOU

Photographs are windows to our memories. I make a promise to each and every one of my clients that You will  enjoy the beautiful artful photograph I produce for you. No matter what your photography needs are, from building your custom website to the gathering of your family, I am here to help you along the way. It’s important to me that you are able to live in the moment, trusting me to capture what matters to you.

Clare Britt 

Clare Britt

Clare Britt

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