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A professional profile portrait gives your potential clients confidence and trust in you. It also shows you value yourself and work.


The moment before someone decides to connect with you they take in your visual profile image message. What message are you sending them about yourself?


A casual vacation photo or cropped snapshot gives an unprofessional impression. Professional imagery shows you are proud, approachable and knowledgeable in your field.

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Are you a model who wants to elevate your portfolio? Are you an artist who needs to showcase your newest creations?  Are you a musician who needs a new album cover? Or someone with a small business website?


Photography helps you connect with your audience and share your professional story. Creating a candid lifestyle portrait of you working behind the scenes gos a long way with telling the story of your Brand on your website. When you have spent countless hours working on your product and putting your heart and soul into your dream, it deserves to be seen in it’s best light.


Let’s collaborate to create more thoughtful images and videos to share your work with the world.


Your brand library is a set of images that tells your audience who you are, what you do and why you do it. 


The photos we capture during this session will tell the story of the person behind the ideas, services and products you create. People want to feel connected to the brands they support and the images we create together will do just that. 


You took the time to invest in your professional headshot, what now? A variety of candid lifestyle portraits will highlight all you do behind the scenes and make your brand sing. Maybe you are social media savvy and already have a cadence with posting content. 


Do you have content that shows you and your employees doing the hard work to produce your product? Your brand library goes beyond a few smartphone photos.  You are the best spokesperson for your brand and your audience wants to see you making magic behind the curtain. 

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Do your customers know who is behind the ideas and services of your company? Instead of using stock photos that look generic, create authentic images of your company culture with a portrait session of your staff.


Creating custom imaging and motion builds your audience and instills trust in your clients. Images that represent your company personality consistently across your website and social channels will get you more business.

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Book a commercial brand library session to highlight your company’s personality. By showing the ins and outs of your business you give your audience a feel for the energy and people who produce your services and products.


Commercial brand libraries include exterior architecture and streetscapes from your community, interactions between staff and clients, details that are important to your company and portraiture. Libraries become an asset to pull images from that support your press releases, LinkedIn articles, advertising, and social media.

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