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Photographing Relationships

In an uncertain world, preserve Your legacy.

Working Relationships and Loving Relationships with others and with yourself. In twenty years as a photographer, I have developed a style that is candid and lively, full of color and playful energy. 

Specializing in on location photography the world is my studio. Using locations that connect with my clients, I use the elements of the location to tell a dynamic story about you. Based in Chicago, I am available for hire anywhere your vision takes me. 

I also create content to support small businesses and artists as they market their brands and products. I teach people how to see, use and modify light and create content with limited resources. Check out my tutorials on how to make beautiful photographs with your Smartphone and The Sun. 

Clare is a Co-Director of Ortega y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn, NY.

Clare is the Membership Chair for ASMP Midwest.


Clare is the Volunteer Coordinator for The Dole.

Interview with me and Voyage Chicago Chicago’s Most Inspiring Stories.