Photographing Relationships

In an uncertain world, preserve Your legacy.

Working Relationships and Loving Relationships with others and with yourself. In twenty years as a photographer, I have developed a style that is candid and lively, full of color and playful energy. 

Specializing in environmental photography the world is my studio. Using locations that connect with my clients, I use the elements of the location to tell a dynamic story about you. Based in Chicago, I am available for hire anywhere your vision takes me. 

I like to find pockets of color and light that reflect humanity. Light and color has the power to tell a story, create drama and set a mood. In the digital age it is challenging to find authentic expressions, my goal is to highlight your veritable character in the photographs I create. I shape light to pull your luminosity out so you can share it with the world and I use color to accentuate your charm.   

Clare is a Co-Director of Ortega y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn, NY.

Interview with me and Voyage Chicago Chicago’s Most Inspiring Stories.

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