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Using the camera to tell your story and highlight what makes you unique is how I help you feel empowered and proud with the images I create for you or your business.


Photography captured my heart at summer camp when my childhood counselor walked me through the darkroom process and as I watched the first photograph emerge. I started learning everything I could about using photography to tell stories. 


While studying at the University of North Carolina to earn my BFA and business minor, I took my first photography job at The Weatherspoon Museum of Art.  A college photography internship at the North Carolina Museum of Art inspired me to pursue museum photography work. 

After graduating I moved to Chicago, earned a MFA, and landed my dream job as a museum photographer for the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Working with the museum’s art collection enabled me to hone my technical skills and visual literacy. After 10 years of work at the Museum I needed to explore more creative projects. 


My mission became to help people feel empowered through images and short motion stories. In 2016 I launched my business and started booking clients.


I would love to talk with you about your they story you want to tell.

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