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Anchorlight Portfolio Photography

Photographer Clare Britt has partnered with Anchorlight to provide Portfolio Documentation sessions to Anchorlight Studio Artists for two days only this month. Studio Artists are offered the chance to reserve their session with Clare before this opportunity is opened to the public. Sign up today to have your artwork professionally documented. Sessions are available Wednesday June 29 and Thursday June 30, 2022, 1:00-8:00pm.

About Clare:

Born in Raleigh N.C. Clare Britt has been working as a professional photographer in Chicago for over 20 years. After earning a MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Clare worked as a museum photographer for the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago and built the museum’s digital collection archive. After 10 years at the Museum, Clare branched out on her own to build a business supporting artists with visual documentation. Clare's current clients include Studio Herron, The Block Museum at Northwestern University, The Cultural Center of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Samples of 2D Work

032322 TBS Baum_012.jpg
031422 Toebbe_005.jpg
032322 TBS Baum_066.jpg
110321 Baum_004.jpg
110321 Baum_029.jpg
032322 TBS Baum_002.jpg

Samples of 3D Work

053022 Studio Herron_001.jpg
053022 Studio Herron_014.jpg
053022 Studio Herron_007.jpg

What to Expect in a Session:

Sessions are one hour each. Artists may book back to back sessions to accommodate more work. Artists are expected to be present during the session and handle all artwork. Both two dimensional and three dimensional artwork can be accommodated. Artwork may not be larger than 5 feet x 5 feet (2D or 3D). Anchorlight will provide access to pedestals for 3D work. If the artwork is of similar size and material 15-20 works can typically be shot in an hour. If the work is different sizes or if detail shots are desired, 10-15 works can typically be shot in one hour. 

Special Anchorlight rate: $200 per hour (discounted from $300). 

Includes Tiff, High Res Jpegs and Web size files delivered to you electronically via WeTransfer. 

Color Correct Miro web size.jpg
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