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Do you want to elevate your Smartphone Photography? Are you a Small Business Owner who struggles with creating dynamic content? Are you a creative who knows a little bit about light but want to conquer it? I will teach you how to read and manipulate LIGHT. 


This Creative Zoom Workshop will focus on a combination of tips and tricks, live demos and group discussion. Joining other creatives and business owners you will learn to trouble shoot the real life problems you have when creating content for your brand. 


The secret is not in the type of camera you have or spending money on expensive gear, the secret is how you control and use light. In this workshop, I will teach some simple techniques you can use to create magic with just your Smartphone and the Sun.


Next Session TBD: send me an email to get on the wait list.

Ask me about the Buddy Rate if you bring a friend along you both get a discount!

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Hot Tip 🔥check out this artistic portrait with futuristic light across my subjects eyes. This light effect was created with a butter knife and the sun.

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