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Ariel in the Dunes

I love photographing people on location.  When you are outside, somewhere in nature, the unexpected happens. Nature creates an instant backdrop and sets the tone and mood of the photograph. I enjoy the challenge of working with the elements of nature. 

I always scout out the location before the event.  This time, I visited Indiana Dunes the week before the shoot.  It was sunny with no clouds in the sky. The day of the shoot arrived and it was overcast with a few rain drops. This made me think on my feet, switch gears and make quick lighting adjustments to ensure the perfect photo shoot.  I welcome the challenge that changing weather brings my location shoots.My client for this shoot was Ariel, a fitness coach at FitBodyBootCamp, a marathon runner, and a yoga instructor. She contacted me to capture some fun photos of her in her element, celebrating her healthy living lifestyle.  She plans to use the photos on her social media platforms to boost her business and raise money for the foundation she supports through running.

Before the shoot, we met to plan her photoshoot.  It is important for me to get to know the person I’m photographing.  By taking the time upfront, I gain an understanding of their personal vision and the outcome they want from the session.  For me, this knowledge makes an enormous impact on the outcome of the session. We decided to keep it fitness oriented with a few different outfits and backgrounds. We went to the Indiana Dunes State park around sunset to capture some of the golden hour at the end of the day.

Ariel modeled five different outfits. Each was in a different location by Lake Michigan. We worked with make-up artist Taylor Darcey to get a couple different looks with her hair and make-up. As you look at the photos from the session, what story do they tell you about Ariel?

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