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Home is Where the Heart Is

Updated: May 27, 2020

Sunset Beach, North Carolina with My Family

Have you ever felt lost and adrift, searching for something elusive, but you didn't know what? I found myself traveling all over this country in the search for something, until I realized that what makes life meaningful comes down to sharing this experience with someone else. I can be on top of a mountain or in a boat at sea, but if I am sailing along on my own it can get really lonely and a little bit boring. The thing I value most in this life is people and my relationships with them. I drive around America going from town to town visiting people I have met through my life. I cherish my family and my friendships. My favorite place is Sunset Beach North Carolina where I grew up and watching the tide change with my brother and his family. I live many miles away from my brother and his family and that is one of the reasons why the time we get to spend together is so special.  I have dedicated my life to photographing other people's dearest relationships because that is what lights up my life. It brings me joy to witness couples looking into each others eyes, parents celebrating a first birthday and grandparents spending time with their grandkids. In this world mediated with screens, not only do you get a document of time spent with your loved ones, you actually get that time and that memory of getting dressed up to look your best, going to the place that is most special in your family history and spending time together. You get to enjoy the moment while I take the picture. You get to put your phone/camera down and connect with your people.  I have never met a stranger and all I want to do is make you laugh. My name is Clare and I photograph relationships. 

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