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Joshua Tree with Parker Pfister

Updated: May 27, 2020

I’m a professional photographer and artist.  After spending hours behind the camera for work, I find it challenging to carve out time to create.  And, as an artist, it is so important to break away from routine and create a place of wonder to explore the environment around me for my craft. It is rare that I get to play with my camera like I was 12 years old again. I began my love affair with the camera at summer camp.   That was the first time I saw an image come to life in the dark room and I was hooked. I have been creating photographs ever since. 

When I travel to different places my perspective shifts. I am able to capture in an image what people, in other parts of the country, believe in and celebrate and I get to experience different climates, flora and fauna. 

Last November, I invested in my creative spirit. I went to a workshop led by Parker Pfister at Joshua Tree National Park in California. Parker leads creative photographic workshops where you can explore and get in touch with your artistic voice. Parker used playful techniques to get us more in touch with our senses, including a visit to the Integratron to enjoy a meditative sound bath. Using sound, smell, taste, touch and sight I was able to dive deeper into my memories and the story I want to weave together to tell to the world. As an artist, it is so important to be in touch with my inner voice and explore how my senses can help me recall memories and inspire me to create and communicate my voice. 

I was joined on this retreat by other talented female photographers.  We came together as a small community and we collaborated and reflected on our business, art and craft. We wrote in our journal and laughed and cried and really let ourselves be vulnerable.  Being able to join forces with other talented artists and get in touch with our core artistic talents was such a rewarding experience. My work since that workshop has changed. I am better at getting my subjects to relax and open up so that I can capture the essence of their inner spirit in a photograph.

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