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Pop Up Wedding at Garfield Park

Updated: May 27, 2020

When Manal and Ahmed decided to get married, they didn’t want to wait and plan a big wedding. They chose to celebrate their love with ten of their closest friends and family. Manual and Ahmed planned a “Pop Up” wedding on the first Sunday of the New Year at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Being impulsive and pulling together a wedding in under a month is no small task! Yet, the ceremony and venue were perfect. The Garfield Park Conservatory was a nice warm escape from the Chicago winter and the couple and guests were transported into a tropical paradise.   

The group found a spot in the Fern Room where they gathered in a circle around the Bride and Groom to show their support and witness their vows. The ceremony was short, sweet, and intimate and you could feel the joy shared by the group. The Groom’s family was overseas and, thanks to technology, they were able to watch using a video app on their phone.

I showcased this wedding with Black and White images to capture the timeless classic feel of the day.  When the wedding party arrived at the conservatory, we did a photographic walk through the greenhousewhere I captured intimate photographs of Manal and Ahmed with their family and friends. One of my favorite photos was the portrait of the Bride with her Mother. In capturing this special moment, time stands still and you witnessed the wisdom of one generation being passed to another and felt the hope of future generations start to bloom.

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