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Sun and Moon A Creative Portrait

One of my last creative photo sessions before Shelter in Place was ordered in Chicago, was with the Criddle Sisters. Shirley and Reagan went to Madi Gras in New Orleans this year and decided their theme would be the Sun and the Moon. 

The Sun is the star at the middle of our Solar System. The Moon is an astronomical body orbiting the Earth and reflects the light of the Sun. Both are powerful forces and integral to energy on our planet. Their relationships depend on each other. I love that sisters wanted to dress up like these bodies in our solar system. They let each other shine and reflect their life experiences back on each other, as sisters do. 

 The passage of time has changed since I went under quarantine. Everything is unknown and different, and this new existence can be challenging. As I work to create a new normal and structure in my life inside my house, my relationship with the Sun and the Moon is changing. Now my days start when I am greeted by the sunrise and they wind down when it's the moon's turn to dance. In these uncertain times, the only thing I know for sure is that the Sun will rise tomorrow and the Moon will continue to move and shift in the sky through her phases. 

As I look at the pictures from this photo session, I think about my own family.  I find strength in the connections I have with family and friends. They remind me of the continuity of life and give me hope for our future.   

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